CFDB - Cystic Fibrosis DataBase

Welcome in CFDB (Cystic Fibrosis DataBase)!

This is a web-based, free access tool for health care professionals, researchers and students to evaluate in real time what are the current evidences about clinical efficacy of interventions in CF.

You'll find more than 1,300 studies divided in 8 sections, including Cochrane reviews, Cochrane protocols, DARE, HTA and Economic reviews, published RCT, published non-RCT, congress abstracts and ongoing trials

Objective of CFDB (Cystic Fibrosis DataBase)

CFDB is a database and was ideated to classify clinical studies to get answers to specific questions:

  • which interventions are effective, in which groups of CF patients and for which outcomes?
  • to what extent do the results of the literature allow to make decisions for specific clinical issues? What issues need to be studied further?

This tool may help clinicians, researchers, students to have a faster updated view of clinical research in CF by using queries on the main topics in CF care. It could also be helpful to anyone going to design new studies, as it provides a concise description of what is currently known and what issues, on the contrast, need additional research.


A project team of clinicians with a leader expert in epidemiological and clinical research skills searched in Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library and trials registries and included all studies (systematic reviews and primary studies at any time and of any language) involving clinical interventions in CF; studies were categorized and classified, according to a dictionary of keywords and then a user-friendly website was built allowing to define queries starting from one or more types of pathological conditions and one or more interventions. The database is regularly updated and revised to improve the quality of data.

What can you do with CFDB?

  • You can build a query, selecting terms from search menus
  • You can also select one or more citations and read the details of the studies
  • You can read updated summaries (Related topics) on the state of the art of the most relevant topics in CF


Buzzetti Roberto - Italian CF Research Foundation, Verona, Italy;

Cirilli Natalia - CF Centre, United Hospitals, Ancona, Italy;

Minicucci Laura - CF Centre,Gaslini Hospital, Genova, Italy;

Raia Valeria - CF Centre, Federico II University, Naples, Italy;

Salvatore Donatello - CF Centre, San Carlo Hospital, Potenza, Italy;

Daniele Alessio - OnLime, Milan, Italy


Buzzetti R, Cirilli N, Minicucci L, Raia V, Salvatore D, Maffeis P. Cystic Fibrosis Database (CFDB): A new web-based tool for cystic fibrosis specialists. Pediatr Pulmonol, 2014 Sep;49(9):938-40.