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Evaluation the effects of camel milk in spirometry parameters in over 6 year’s children with Cystic Fibrosis lung disease - Recruiting

Study design (if review, criteria of inclusion for studies)

Randomization: Randomized, Blinding: Double blinded, Placebo: Used, Assignment: Parallel, Purpose: Treatment, Randomization description: Patients will be assigned to either control or intervention groups according to a random number table provided by a computer (simple randomization). Allocation Concealment is done using sealed envelopes, Blinding description: Patients and patient outcome assessment will be unaware of Intervention and control groups.  


Inclusion criteria: Over 6 year’s children with Cystic Fibrosis lung disease undergoing airway Clearance Treatment - The patient is not in the acute exacerbation phase of the disease - The patient has completed the Informed consent Form - Those who have FEV1 more than 60% in spirometry


Intervention 1: Control group: Patients will receive airway clearance therapies( Hypertonic Saline, Inhaled shortacting beta-2 agonist, azithromycin) and 300 milliliter of cow milk per day as a placebo. Intervention 2: Intervention group: In addition to drug treatment, will receive 300 milliliter of pasteurized camel milk per day for two months.

Outcome measures

Patients with Expiratory Volume in First Second (FEV1) greater than 60%. Timepoint: At the beginning of the study (before the intervention) and two months after beginning milk use (after the intervention). Method of measurement: spirometer device.

Keywords: Adolescent; Child; Minerals; non pharmacological intervention - diet; Supplementation;