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Intravenous linoleic acid supplementation in children with cystic fibrosis.

Study design (if review, criteria of inclusion for studies)

RCT double blind


10 children with CF in matched pairs


patients were infused with either Intralipid or with 10% glucose on a double blind basis every other week for one year

Outcome measures

height and weight

Main results

Although statistically there was significantly greater gain in height and weight in the study year compared to the previous year only for the test group, both groups improved more than expected. Cumulative data analysis showed greater improvement for the Intralipid group (23 of a possible 45 points) compared to the glucose group (-2 points; P less than .02)

Authors' conclusions

This study indicates the need to better define the role of nutrition in the pathophysiology of CF. Meanwhile, it is recommended that all children with CF have plasma linoleic acid levels measured at least once yearly, and if levels are low, appropriate supplements should be given.

Keywords: Caloric Intake; Child; Intravenous; linoleic acid; non pharmacological intervention - diet; placebo; Supplementation; omega-6; essential fatty acids;