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primary studies published RCT

Controlled trial of intermittent aerosol therapy with sodium 2-mercaptoethane sulphonate in cystic fibrosis.

Study design (if review, criteria of inclusion for studies)

Randomised parallel group trial


Mean age 10.7 years, range 6 years to 15 years n = 56 CF Females = 30 CF Males = 26


Mistabron 20% 3 ml BD for 8 weeks versus HS 7% 3 ml BD for 8 weeks. No reported pre-treatment

Outcome measures

PEFR, FVC, V max 50% VC, RV/TLC

Main results

No significant changes were found in five patients with no measurable sputum production. The inhalations were given after physiotherapy and were well tolerated. There were no significant side effects.

Authors' conclusions

The results suggest that Mistabron has a beneficial therapeutic effect unrelated to its high osmolality, and the intermittent inhalation of Mistabron may have a role in the treatment of selected patients with cystic fibrosis.

Keywords: thiols; Adolescent; Child; hydration; Hypertonic Solutions; Inhalation OR nebulised; Intermittent; pharmacological_intervention; Airway clearance drugs -expectorants- mucolytic- mucociliary-; Respiratory System Agents;